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Company Profile

Type of Information Destruction Operations

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Plant Based Info Destruction Operations:

Mobile Operations

Destruction Services Offered

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Paper Shredding
Magnetic Degaussing
Hard Drive Sanitization
Residential Services
Disintegration/Micro Media Destruction
Electronic Media Destruction (computers, digital eq, etc)
Product Destruction (prototypes, clothing)

Other Services Offered

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Record Storage
Waste Disposal
Other (please list)

Please answer the following questions

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1. Is access to client confidential materials restricted to employees?

2. Do employees sign a confidentiality agreement?

3. Do you own and/or operate destruction equipment?

4. Do you screen employees via a background check?

5. Do you use closed trucks to transport materials?

6. Do you provide commercial information destruction services?

Required Documentation - Equipment Verification and Proof of Business

(To qualify for active membership, you must own/lease your own equipment, or be in the process of purchasing destruction equipment, and be legally permitted to operate a business where you claim)

Equipment Manufacturer:
1. Attach a copy of sales receipt or invoice that shows the make/model of the destruction equipment.

Proof of Business: Legal document/business license showing business name (from city, state or federal)

Member Referral

- Did your equipment manufacturer or another NAID member refer you for joining?

Additional Locations

List any & all additional locations of the Parent Company which provides information destruction services using a separate sheet if there is more than one additional location.

Type of Operations (check all that apply)

Plant-based operation:

Mobile Operation

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By initialing here, I attest that I am an owner, executive officer, or manager of the company submitting this application and have full authority to represent this company and I have full knowledge of our operations.

By initialing here, I can attest that our company, or any of its owners/officers/related affiliates Have Not Have () been affiliated with a current or past NAID Member.

By initialing here, I attest that this application is truthful and accurately reflects our company’s operations.

By initialing here, I attest that our company provides information destruction services on a commercial basis.

By initialing here, I confirm that I have read and we agree to abide by the Code of Ethics and By-laws of the National Association for Information Destruction, Inc. (available on website at

By initialing here, I/we understand and agree that, as a NAID member, our company may only use the NAID logos and trademarks that are directly provided by NAID (available on website at

By initialing here, I/we understand this application is for membership only and that NAID AAA Certification is a separate application and voluntary process. I/we further understand that unless and until our company’s services become NAID Certified that NAID does not endorse or approve our business standards or operations as Certified; nor will we suggest in any way that we meet NAID certification standards unless we are NAID certified.

By initialing here, I give NAID permission to post our company and contact information on any NAID website or list in other places where it will promote our business.

By initialing here, I give NAID permission to send the contact information of the member representative to NAID Vendor members upon their request.

By initialing here, I give NAID permission to verify any and all information contained on this application through whatever means are necessary, including a site visit by NAID management or NAID contracted auditor.

The information provided by me in this application is truthful and accurate. I have permission and legal authority to bind the organization to the agreements within this application.