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Air Quality/HVAC Systems
Balers, Baling Wire & Tying Systems
Cabinets & Consoles, Security
Carts & Collection Containers
CCTV, Surveillance, Security & Alarm Systems
Conveyors, Sorters & Handling Equipment
Data & Records Management Services
Debt Collection
Destruction Equipment, Mobile
Destruction Equipment, Plant-based
Destruction Equipment, Repair & Parts
Destruction Equipment/Systems, Computers, Electronics & Digital Media
Destruction Services, Electronics & Products
Drug Screening & Training Programs
Employment Services
Financial Services
Fire Detection & Suppression Systems
Franchise & Conversion Opportunities
Insurance Providers
Marketing & Promotional Services
Mergers & Acquisitions
Paper Recyclers, Mills & Brokerage Firms
Records Storage Equipment
Recyclers, Non-paper
Software & Database Management
Trucks/Vehicles & GPS/Fleet Management

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By initialing here, I confirm and agree that our company will abide by the NAID Code of Ethics ( and Bylaws (

By initialing here, I can attest that our company, or any of its owners/officers/related affiliates Have Not Have () been affiliated with a current or past NAID Member.

By initialing here, I attest that I, and all agents of the company, understand that NAID does not certify any particular type or brand of equipment whether it is for collection, transport, destruction or disposal of sensitive material.

By initialing here, I attest that I, and all agents of the company, understand that it is not permissible to advertise or promote any product or services as meeting NAID AAA Certification standards. I further understand that the NAID AAA Certification specifications are not divisible but exist as a unified code of practice, and therefore, it is misleading to lead those who purchase such equipment to believe that a piece of equipment or type of container is, in and of itself, NAID Certified or that it meets NAID Certification standards. (Note: The NAID Complaint Resolution Council is encountering non-Members advertising NAID Certification on the basis that their supplier either told them or advertised the equipment they purchased met NAID Certification standards. To that degree, if true, the vendor is complicit in their violation of NAID trademarks.)

By initialing here, I confirm and agree that the company may, after all appeals and due process afforded every NAID Member-company, be subject to sanctions, fines, or termination for not complying with rulings of the NAID Board of Directors in association matters related to the resolution of ethical transgressions and correcting misleading or false information.

By initially here, I understand that NAID has the right to post public notices on its web site and/or elsewhere correcting false information and/or NAID Board of Directors-approved sanctions as is described in the NAID Complaint Resolution Council guidelines or described herein.

By initialing here, I understand “NAID”, the NAID logo and the NAID Certification logo are trademarks of the National Association for Information Destruction, Inc., and, while NAID will not unreasonably restrict or require permission for the appropriate, valid use of such marks by its members, NAID retains the exclusive right to decide in what manner and where these marks may be displayed.

By initialing here, I confirm and acknowledge that this agreement is limited to the term of the 2017 NAID Associate Membership.

By initialing here, I confirm and agree that continued membership in NAID is dependant upon the fulfillment of this agreement and that membership is granted only on the basis of that expressed intention.

By initialing here, I confirm and acknowledge that if any clause in this agreement is deemed unenforceable in a court of law, it shall not affect the enforceability of the other clauses.

The information provided by me in this application is truthful and accurate. I have permission and legal authority to bind the organization to the agreements within this application.