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31 E Fairfield Dr Pensacola, FL 32501-1403 Contact: Lucas Gilmore Toll Free: (888) 439-7458 Phone: (850) 434-1054 lgilmore@gilmoreservices.com http://www.gilmoreservices.com Naid Certified: Yes

NAID Certified Services

Data Destruction Services Custodial Services
Custodial Services

A wide range of information management services audited for compliance to applicable operational security specification, including the use of NAID Certified data destruction services for end-of-life disposal.

Originally Certified: 1/25/2005 Certification Expires: 1/31/2020 Indemnified by Downstram Data Coverage: Yes
Indemnification by Downstream Data Coverage

NAID members covered by the professional indemnification developed by NAID to appropriately address the contractual liability obligations of data-related service providers. Currently limited to US service providers only.

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